After a few delays the gate is in. We had a ton of help from Emerald Art Glass in Pittsburgh PA who helped us with both glass and color selection. Also We'd like to thank the crew at ProSite Systems Inc. for their work to automate and install. 


Emerald Art Glass 

Emerald Art Glass 


From An Idea To The Tables

Once the conceptual design is approved - we spend hours in front of a computer trying to figure out the best way to build a project. It's a tedious process but it pays dividends in the long run. By digitizing the hand drawing into a cad file we are able to scrutinize the design, and begin engineering the final product. But nothing compares to getting fresh laser cut parts in along with full scale paper print outs. Its the first time you see the product to scale and its an awesome feeling. All the doubts and second guessing are behind you - and now, finally, you get to the fun part. 

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Glass and Steel Driveway Gate

Here in SMA we are just beginning work on a driveway gate that will be located in the Laurel Highlands Region of Pennsylvania. Located deep in the woods surrounded by towering Hemlock and White Oaks, we were tasked with producing an entrance gate.  We thought that the addition of color might help the gate pop against such visually rich surroundings. Its always disappointing to see ironwork disappear against a busy backdrop. By introducing translucent color fields and a color palette that would hold up year round to the grey skies, deep evergreens, and loamy earth,  we hoped to create a unique and light entrance to the home. This design was inspired from a sculpture proposal we did for a related project (video below).  Originally intended for a double swinging gate, the client has opted for a sliding gate. 

Glass And Steel Driveway Gates Design Process

Conceptual Sketch 

Conceptual Sketch 

Sculpture Proposal

Sculpture Proposal

design process